Yes, Every Zodiac Sign Has a Beige Flag - Here’s Yours

Yes, Every Zodiac Sign Has a Beige Flag - Here’s Yours

Astrology expert or not, if you know the basics of your sign, you probably have an idea of what kind of red or green flags your zodiac sign tends to show in a relationship. Water signs have emotional awareness locked down, but impulsivity and brashness? That could be a fire-sign-coded warning. But what are the signals in between, known as "beige flags," stirring up conversation on TikTok?

Beige flags are behaviors that aren't necessarily bad or marked as "red flags," but can cause contention between partners, so they're worth considering in terms of longevity in a relationship. "Beige flags represent a middle ground between a 'red flag,' indicating a serious problem or warning sign, and a 'green flag,' indicating a positive sign," Charlotte Johnson, sex and relationship expert at Mega Pleasure, tells POPSUGAR.

Beige flags are seemingly benign — like being forgetful or chronically late — but according to Johnson, these tendencies can manifest in problematic behaviors if they aren't addressed. "While this behavior might not be a major concern, it could indicate a need for better communication or attentiveness."

Here, astrologers Inbaal Honigman and Imani Quinn explain what your beige flag is, according to your zodiac sign.

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