This $15 Target Vase Looks Like Something I Scored at an Estate Sale

This $15 Target Vase Looks Like Something I Scored at an Estate Sale


I've been on the hunt for a vintage-inspired ceramic vase that doesn't cost an absurd amount of money. Ceramic vases with classic silhouettes and layers of patina can be shockingly expensive — so much so, that transforming Goodwill vases by slathering them with baking soda and any water-based paint has become a popular DIY hack on social media. If, like me, you also shudder at the thought of having to create an art project after finding and purchasing the right vase, you'll appreciate my latest Target find. Target's Threshold x Studio McGee collection includes a Small Ceramic Trophy Vase ($15) that I'm currently obsessed with.

What I Love About Target's Ceramic Trophy Vase

The $15 price tag was what initially convinced me to purchase it without seeing it in person, and I'm glad I did. It's a petite vase, which I actually love since it doesn't require a ton of flowers to be filled. The trophy shape reminds me of pricier vintage options I've sourced but decided to pass on because of their steep prices. It's such a sculptural shape that it looks just as lovely without flowers. It has a top layer of creamy white paint with a bottom layer of terra-cotta peeking underneath to create a faux-patina look. I'm planning to move it around the house and experiment using it in different ways: filling it with wooden spoons in the kitchen; with fresh greenery or dried stems; with pens on my desk; or keeping it empty and placing it on top of a stack of books to see what I like best.


What's Worth Noting About Target's Ceramic Trophy Vase

This vase comes in two sizes: a small size and a large size. The Large Ceramic Trophy Vase ($30) is double the price of the smaller one that I purchased. It's worth thinking about how you want to use your vase (i.e. to be filled with branches as a statement piece vs. filled with a few blooms and taking up less space) to decide which size is best for you. It's also watertight, so you can use it with or without water. I usually like to put my vases into the top rack of the dishwasher to give them a thorough clean after filling them with flowers but the instructions for this vase say to spot clean it, so I'll have to see if hand washing it with soap and warm water effects its topcoat at all.

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Who Is Target's Ceramic Trophy Vase Best For?

This vase is perfect for anyone who has been searching for a ceramic, vintage-inspired trophy vase at an affordable price. If you prefer a neutral color with just a touch of patina instead of something more modern, like a glossy bright white, you'll appreciate how this vase toes the line between both aesthetics.

Additional Details About Target's Ceramic Trophy Vase

Dimensions: The small vase is 5.75 inches (height) x 5.5 inches (width) x 4.38 inches (diameter), and the large vase is 8.88 inches (height) x 9.62 inches (width) x 7.62 inches (diameter). Materials: Ceramic. Care: Spot or wipe clean.


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