Lowe's 8.6-Foot Killer Clown Is Guaranteed to Give You the Chills - Shop It Here

Lowe's 8.6-Foot Killer Clown Is Guaranteed to Give You the Chills - Shop It Here

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Lowe's added an extra scoop of spooky juice when they cooked up this Haunted Living 8.6-foot Lighted Animatronic Clown ($229). If you weren't afraid of clowns before, this life-like Halloween decoration — aka Stitches the Clown — is almost guaranteed to change your mind with its glowing yellow eyes and chilling smile. "You keep me in stitches! People say I'm funny but look at you. That face is something that anybody would laugh at," the animatronic says in a demonstration video on the retailer's website.

Though its jokes are cheesy, there are definitely more than a few ominous undertones to this Halloween decoration. Decked out in a paint-splattered purple suit, the clown gives off an unsettling Joker-like quality with its shaggy purple hair and stark white face paint. Plus, the animatronic talks, lights up, and features a moving head and mouth. From its bony fingers and glossy eyes to its overly defined facial features, pretty much nothing about this animatronic makes me want to put it in my home. Imagine getting up in the middle of the night for a glass of water and finding this guy lurking at the end of the hallway. No, thank you. Still, to each their own.

While some Halloween lovers may prefer to stick to cute Halloween decorations or the cozy fall aesthetic, this decor piece is strictly for those looking to spook friends and family — or even the entire neighborhood — this autumn. One buyer even took the time to comment on the animatronic's scarily realistic movements. "This animatronic is very scary at night and looks right into the eyes of those who dare look at him," they wrote. "His eyes glow and his head moves as if it were real, 10/10, would recommend."

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Luckily, the clown arrives disassembled, so it shouldn't freak you out straight out of the box. Still, something about that creepy laugh will definitely be haunting us all season long. Shop the terrifying clown animatronic ahead, and shop more of our favorite Halloween decorations — including this 12-foot mummy and this 13-foot Jack Skellington — in preparation for the spookiest Halloween yet.


Haunted Living 8.6-foot Lighted Animatronic Clown

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