Target's Drive-Up Service Now Includes Starbucks Drinks

Target's Drive-Up Service Now Includes Starbucks Drinks


Your Target run just got even more convenient. On Aug. 9 the retailer confirmed that it will finally let customers add Starbucks to their drive-up delivery. This means that — for all 1,700 stores with a Starbucks café — customers can have their groceries and Starbucks drinks delivered right to their car door at no additional charge using the Drive Up function on the Target app.

According to the Target website, this addition is another way it's "energizing" the shopping experience, making it even easier to get everything customers need (or just couldn't resist). Shoppers can expect drive up with Starbucks to roll out throughout the summer and early October.

To test the program out for yourself, download the Target app and schedule a Drive Up order. Once the order is ready, you'll have the opportunity to browse the Starbucks menu and add food or drinks by tapping "Add for Drive Up." Pay for your order in the app, and baristas at the corresponding Target café will start your order once you indicate "I'm on my way." Lastly, select "I'm here" in the app to have your groceries and Starbucks order delivered directly to your car.

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If it seems like Target always anticipates your needs, it's because this curbside partnership was inspired by real customers: "Our guests have long told us Drive Up is a game-changer," said Target chief stores officer Mark Schindele in a press release. "We've continued listening to our guests, who've told us overwhelmingly that Drive Up with Starbucks would bring even more ease and joy to every Target run."

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