The Ultimate Spring-Cleaning Checklist For Every Room in Your House

The Ultimate Spring-Cleaning Checklist For Every Room in Your House

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Spring has positives and negatives. The season brings flowers, warmer weather, longer days; but also allergy season, rainstorms, and on daylight savings time, an hour less to sleep. Where spring cleaning falls on that pro/con list is dependent on how much you love CleanTok (meaning, TikTok videos about cleaning and organizing). But even if you're dreading the annual scrub-down, we've got a foolproof spring cleaning checklist that'll take all the pain out of the ritual. It may even get you excited to pick up the mop. Yes, really.

Need more convincing? Consider this. Organizing and disinfecting all the rooms in your home will make you feel better (household clutter is stressful, after all), and will make your place look more amazing than ever. You may have to put in a few hours of sweat, but working your way a thorough spring-cleaning list will lead to weeks of self-satisfaction — imagine opening your closet and seeing rows of neatly organized clothes, rather than a jumbled mess. There's nothing more motivating! So, we created the ultimate spring-cleaning checklist, so you won't forget anything important. Space it out over a week or tackle it all in one day — but either way, grab your favorite household cleaners and get ready to feel accomplished.


We're big advocates of starting your spring-cleaning list with the bedroom. No, it's not a space that guests see often. But it's your oasis, and having it spic-and-span is a great way to motivate you to clean up the rest of your house, to keep the organized vibes going.

Organize side table. Declutter dresser drawers. Deep-clean mattress. Wash pillows, linens, and comforter. Sweep under furniture. Vacuum and mop the floors. Clean furniture and walls.

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Next up: closets. The best way to really spring clean a closet is to clean it out entirely. That'll let you more easily reach dust and grime, and it'll give you a reason to go though each and every item in there, helping you spot items that should be tossed out entirely or letting you see clever new storage solutions.

Clean closet walls and floors. Throw out any stained or old clothes. Reorganize your shoes. Go through old bags and clean them out. Rearrange your clothes.

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Living rooms tend to be lighter lift in terms of spring cleaning. You'll mostly be focused on dusting, vacuuming, and brainstorming storage solutions for any clutter pileups that tend to stick around (toys, anyone?).

Wipe down the TV and any other electronics. Wash cushions and couch covers. Clean the blinds and curtains. Throw out any unnecessary items. Vacuum and mop the floors.

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The kitchen can take you some time — but we'd argue that it's one of the most impactful rooms to spring clean in the house. Take stock of your food stores, tackle that built-up stovetop grease, and soap up the items that often get overlooked (looking at you, trash can). When everything's sparkling, you won't believe what a difference it makes.

Throw out old food. Clean the inside of the fridge. Reorganize the pantry. Clean the microwave, oven, and stovetop. Wipe and disinfect the counters. Clean the dishwasher, toaster, and any other appliances. Wash the garbage can. Sweep and mop the floors. Spring-Cleaning-Checklist-Bathroom.jpg

Cleaning soap scum is a pain, but it's worth it in the end: nothing feels better than a squeaky-clean bathroom. It may even encourage you to treat yourself to a spa night.

Discard expired medicine. Reorganize medicine cabinet. Throw out old makeup. Clean the shower, tub, and sink. Scrub the toilet. Wipe down the shower curtains. Sweep and mop the floors. Spring-Cleaning-Checklist-Office.jpg

Whether you work from home most days or just need a space to stash your old tax returns, the home office is often the epicenter of all those little odds and ends you never quite know where to stash. So your spring-cleaning checklist should focus on keeping trash of papers and mail (and dust). Bonus points if you clean out the digital junk on your computer, too.

Organize files and papers. Arrange bookshelves. Wipe your computer screen. Throw away any outdated documents. Clean the desk and shelving. Clean the floors. Spring-Cleaning-Checklist-Garage.jpg

If you're lucky enough to have a garage, you probably know what a clutter magnet it can be. This spring-cleaning list can help you find some extra space (you might even remember you have a two-car garage after all!).

Clear out clutter, throwing away broken or unneeded appliances. Organize tools and/or storage boxes. Clean car or go to the carwash. Sweep the floor. Wipe down surfaces, like a work bench. Spring-Cleaning-Checklist-Miscellaneous.jpg

You're almost done! Gather up the rest of your spring-cleaning momentum to take care of little odds and ends around the home. Then pat yourself on the back for a job well done.

Tidy up the backyard and patio. Clean the washing machine and dryer. Clean the entryway. Take out any trash.

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