The 77 Hottest Gifts on Amazon For 2021

The 77 Hottest Gifts on Amazon For 2021

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Amazon, we praise you. The online retailer is a true lifesaver when it comes to finding gifts for any occasion. That's why we have done days of research to present you with the very best presents from the site. These items will without a doubt be the best gifts under the tree. Shop through our carefully curated guide and add these essentials to your cart before a holiday or birthday creeps up on you. There is something for every person on your list, and you'll be so relieved when these must haves arrive at your door.

Rocketbook-Everlast-Reusable-Smart-Notebook.jpg Rocketbook-Everlast-Reusable-Smart-Notebook.jpg

Rocketbook Everlast Reusable Smart Notebook

Buy Now We-Spill-Tea-Organic-Peach-Tea.jpg

The box of this We Spill The Tea Organic Peach Tea ($13) is made with FSC-certified paper and is 100-percent recyclable. In addition, the packaging, tea bags, string, and tags are all biodegradable and commercially compostable. We love the thoughtful design!


We Spill The Tea Organic Peach Tea

Buy Now Ember-Temperature-Control-Ceramic-Mug.jpg Ember-Temperature-Control-Ceramic-Mug.jpg

Ember Temperature Control Ceramic Mug

Buy Now Touch-Sensor-Bedside-Lamps.jpg Touch-Sensor-Bedside-Lamps.jpg

Aukey Touch Sensor Bedside Lamp

Buy Now Instagram-Famous-Jacket.jpg Instagram-Famous-Jacket.jpg

Orolay Thickened Down Jacket

Buy Now Philips-Wake-Up-Light-Alarm-Clock-Colored-Sunrise-Simulation.jpg Philips-Wake-Up-Light-Alarm-Clock-Colored-Sunrise-Simulation.jpg

Philips Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock with Colored Sunrise Simulation

Buy Now Scratch-Off-World-Map-Poster.jpg

If you know someone who travels a lot, get them this Scratch-Off World Map Poster ($20). They can keep track of every country they've been to.


Scratch-Off World Map Poster

Buy Now GUS-Eco-Friendly-Bamboo-Multi-Device-Charging-Station-Dock.jpg GUS-Eco-Friendly-Bamboo-Multi-Device-Charging-Station-Dock.jpg

Eco-Friendly Bamboo Multi-Device Charging Station and Dock

Buy Now Neck-Massage-Pillow.jpg

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Treat your travel-bug to this relaxing Neck Massage Pillow ($40). It's portable and great for travel.

Neck-Massage-Pillow.jpg PhoneSoap-3-UV-Cell-Phone-Sanitizer-Dual-Universal-Cell-Phone-Charger.jpg PhoneSoap-3-UV-Cell-Phone-Sanitizer-Dual-Universal-Cell-Phone-Charger.jpg

PhoneSoap 3 UV Cell Phone Sanitizer and Dual Universal Cell Phone Charger

Buy Now Velvet-Scrunchy-Bobbles.jpg

These Velvet Scrunchy Bobbles ($9) are seriously cute (you'll probably want to snag a few from their stocking for yourself!).

Velvet-Scrunchy-Bobbles.jpg Tile-Mate-Key-Finder.jpg

Never lose your keys again with this Tile Mate ($20) that pairs with a downloadable app.

Tile-Mate-Key-Finder.jpg Anzone-Pet-Portable-Carrier-Space-Capsule-Backpack.jpg Anzone-Pet-Portable-Carrier-Space-Capsule-Backpack.jpg

Anzone Pet Portable Carrier Space Capsule Backpack

Buy Now Authentic-Roxant-Grip-Scope-High-Definition-Wide-View-Monocular.jpg Authentic-Roxant-Grip-Scope-High-Definition-Wide-View-Monocular.jpg

Authentic Roxant Grip Scope High Definition Wide View Monocular

Buy Now AcuRite-Weather-Station-ForecastTemperatureHumidity.jpg

Pull weather data directly from the backyard with this AcuRite Weather Station ($59). It comes in two pieces, and he can hang the device outside while tracking the details comfortably inside.

AcuRite-Weather-Station-ForecastTemperatureHumidity.jpg Samsung-Gear-VR.png

Join the virtual reality world with Samsung Gear VR ($13). Insert a Samsung phone and start playing video games or watching movies — all, of course, in a virtual reality experience.

Samsung-Gear-VR.png YnM-Weighted-Blanket.jpg

This YnM Weighted Blanket ($50) will keep you warm and comforted. It's the perfect thing to grab for a movie marathon.

YnM-Weighted-Blanket.jpg Frederick-Engraving-Good-Day-Bad-Day-Glass.jpg Frederick-Engraving-Good-Day-Bad-Day-Glass.jpg

Frederick Engraving Good Day, Bad Day Glass

Buy Now Apple-AirPods.jpg

Everyone is raving about Apple AirPods ($145, originally $159). They're so convenient, and the sound quality is amazing. This is a perfect gift for anyone on your list.

Apple-AirPods.jpg R2-D2-Car-Charger.jpg

R2 units are the ultimate helpers, and this R2-D2 car charger ($65) is no exception. The charger sits in a cup holder and plugs into a cigarette lighter. It can charge up to two USB devices at once, and R2's dome even rotates and lights up. When power is connected, the bot will whistle and beep.

R2-D2-Car-Charger.jpg Harry-Potter-Hogwarts-House-Porcelain-16-Piece-Dinnerware-Set.jpg Harry-Potter-Hogwarts-House-Porcelain-16-Piece-Dinnerware-Set.jpg

Harry Potter Hogwarts House Porcelain 16-Piece Dinnerware Set

Buy Now Pothos.jpg

Give your home an update and a breath of fresh air with this pothos ($33), which comes in its very own mid-century modern planter.

Pothos.jpg Boston-Creative-Company-Folded-Book-Art.jpg Boston-Creative-Company-Folded-Book-Art.jpg

Boston Creative Company Folded Book Art

Buy Now Royal-Craft-Wood-Luxury-Bathtub-Caddy-Tray.jpg

I mean, how cool is this? Now you can read in the tub without worrying about drowning your reading material, thanks to this Royal Craft Wood Luxury Bathtub Caddy Tray ($50). You can also bring in drinks and snacks, because self care.


Royal Craft Wood Luxury Bathtub Caddy Tray

Buy Now Sleepwish-Pug-Fleece-Blanket.jpg Sleepwish-Pug-Fleece-Blanket.jpg

Sleepwish Pug Fleece Blanket

Buy Now Moscow-Mule-Kit.jpg

This Moscow Mule Kit ($26) comes with cups, cocktail mix, and a shot glass.

Moscow-Mule-Kit.jpg These-Magical-Glitter-Earrings.jpg These-Magical-Glitter-Earrings.jpg

Kate Spade New York Small Square Multi-Stud Earrings

Buy Now BBQ-Grill-Tool-Set-16-Piece-Stainless-Steel-Barbecue-Grilling-Accessories-Kit.jpg BBQ-Grill-Tool-Set-16-Piece-Stainless-Steel-Barbecue-Grilling-Accessories-Kit.jpg

BBQ Grill Tool Set — 16 Piece Stainless Steel Barbecue Grilling Accessories

Buy Now Oxo-Good-Grips-7-Piece-Nesting-Measuring-Beaker-Set.jpg Oxo-Good-Grips-7-Piece-Nesting-Measuring-Beaker-Set.jpg

Oxo Good Grips 7-Piece Nesting Measuring Beaker Set

Buy Now Amazon-Kindle-Oasis.jpg

Sometimes the best way to get to the future is to embrace the past – and that's exactly what Amazon did with the Kindle Oasis ($230) which brings back everything we loved about the original Kindle, and combines it with all the future tech of our dreams. It's waterproof, ultra-durable, and provides the best visuals in direct sunlight that we've ever seen – oh, and did we mention that it comes in one hell of a sexy champagne gold color, too?

Amazon-Kindle-Oasis.jpg MignonandMignon-Rose-Gold-Initial-Heart-Necklace.jpg MignonandMignon-Rose-Gold-Initial-Heart-Necklace.jpg

MignonandMignon Rose Gold Initial Heart Necklace

Buy Now Spiralizer-Vegetable-Slicer.jpg Spiralizer-Vegetable-Slicer.jpg

Spiralizer Vegetable Slicer

Buy Now Sparkling-Glitter-Evening-Clutch.jpg Sparkling-Glitter-Evening-Clutch.jpg

Sparkling Glitter Evening Clutch

Buy Now Lemondrop-Bar-Stud-Earrings.jpg Lemondrop-Bar-Stud-Earrings.jpg

Lemondrop Bar Stud Earrings

Buy Now Plushest-Slippers.jpg Plushest-Slippers.jpg

Halluci Soft Plush Slippers

Buy Now Fleur-Rouge-18K-Rose-Gold-Plated-Cluster-Round-Cut-Stud-Earrings.jpg Fleur-Rouge-18K-Rose-Gold-Plated-Cluster-Round-Cut-Stud-Earrings.jpg

Fleur Rouge 18K Rose Gold-Plated Cluster Round-Cut Stud Earrings

Buy Now Energy-Saving-Smart-Thermostat-Amazon-Smart-Thermostat.jpg

The Amazon Smart Thermostat ($60) will keep your home the ideal temperature without wasting energy. Simply tell Alexa to increase or decrease the temperature, or program a schedule through the Alexa app.

Energy-Saving-Smart-Thermostat-Amazon-Smart-Thermostat.jpg Kate-Spade-New-York-Grand-Street-Leather-Passport-Holder.jpg Kate-Spade-New-York-Grand-Street-Leather-Passport-Holder.jpg

Kate Spade New York Grand Street Leather Passport Holder

Buy Now For-Curious-Kid-MEandMine-Journey-Down-Belly-STEAM-Kitchen-Science-Kit.jpg

If you're in the market for a fun and educational toy, the MEandMine Journey Down The Belly STEAM Kitchen Science Kit ($30) is such a cool find. Created for kids ages 4-7 years old, this kit let's them get interactive and learn about their digestive system and what happens to the food we eat. It also comes in interactive sets that teach kids about their skin, muscles, immune system, emotional well-being, and self-worth.


MEandMine Journey Down The Belly STEAM Kitchen Science Kit

Buy Now Certified-14k-White-Gold-Diamond-With-Screw-Back-Post-Stud-Earrings.jpg Certified-14k-White-Gold-Diamond-With-Screw-Back-Post-Stud-Earrings.jpg

Certified 14k White Gold Diamond With Screw Back and Post Stud Earrings

Buy Now Natural-Bamboo-Cheese-Board-Cutlery-Set-Slide-out-Drawer.jpg Natural-Bamboo-Cheese-Board-Cutlery-Set-Slide-out-Drawer.jpg

Natural Bamboo Cheese Board and Cutlery Set with Slide-out Drawer

Buy Now Amazon-Collection-Stainless-Steel-Flattened-Hoop-Earrings.jpg Amazon-Collection-Stainless-Steel-Flattened-Hoop-Earrings.jpg

Amazon Collection Stainless Steel Flattened Hoop Earrings

Buy Now For-Chef-Foodie-Dice-No-1-Seasonal-Dinners-pouch.jpg

Get the chef on your list the Foodie Dice No. 1 Seasonal Dinners ($24) as a fun way for them to get creative with their meals. All they have to do is select five primary dice, add a veggie dice to the mix and roll. Whatever the dice say to incorporate is what they'll have to whip up in the kitchen.


Foodie Dice No. 1 Seasonal Dinners

Buy Now Chrissy-Teigen-Cravings-Hungry-More.jpg

If there's one thing foodies love more than food, it's other foodies! Chrissy Teigen is back with more recipes like Pad Thai carbonara, pancakes, and onion dip in Cravings: Hungry For More ($15).

Chrissy-Teigen-Cravings-Hungry-More.jpg Hamilton-Beach-Food-Processor-Vegetable-Chopper.jpg Hamilton-Beach-Food-Processor-Vegetable-Chopper.jpg

Hamilton Beach Food Processor & Vegetable Chopper

Buy Now Elbluvf-Heart-Beat-Love-Cardiogram-Necklace.jpg Elbluvf-Heart-Beat-Love-Cardiogram-Necklace.jpg

Elbluvf Heart Beat Love Cardiogram Necklace

Buy Now iJoy-Matte-Finish-Premium-Rechargeable-Wireless-Headphones.jpg iJoy-Matte-Finish-Premium-Rechargeable-Wireless-Headphones.jpg

iJoy Matte Finish Premium Rechargeable Wireless Headphones

Buy Now Urban-Tee-Farm-Riverdale-Character-Tee.jpg Urban-Tee-Farm-Riverdale-Character-Tee.jpg

Urban Tee Farm Riverdale Character Tee

Buy Now Keurig-Single-Serve-K-Cup-Pod-Coffee-Maker.jpg Keurig-Single-Serve-K-Cup-Pod-Coffee-Maker.jpg

Keurig Single Serve K-Cup Pod Coffee Maker

Buy Now For-Witty-Game-Nights-Galore-Cards-Against-Humanity-Nasty-Bundle.jpg

If you and your friends are champions of Cards Against Humanity, test your wit and humor with the ultimate set, the Cards Against Humanity: Nasty Bundle ($20). The bundle contains the Period Pack, the Weed Pack, the Ass Pack, the Saves America Pack, and two Picture Card Packs, plus set of brand-new cards.


Cards Against Humanity: Nasty Bundle

Buy Now Versatile-Shoulder-Bag.jpg Versatile-Shoulder-Bag.jpg

Soft Faux-Leather Tote Shoulder Bag

Buy Now Amazon-Essentials-Men-Lightweight-Water-Resistant-Packable-Puffer-Jacket.jpg Amazon-Essentials-Men-Lightweight-Water-Resistant-Packable-Puffer-Jacket.jpg

Amazon Essentials Men's Lightweight Water-Resistant Packable Puffer Jacket

Buy Now Villeroy-Boch-New-Wave-Caffe-Mugs.jpg Villeroy-Boch-New-Wave-Caffe-Mugs.jpg

Villeroy & Boch New Wave Caffe Mugs

Buy Now Something-Thoughtful-Delicate-Initial-Disc-Necklace-Rose-Gold-Initial-Necklace.jpg Something-Thoughtful-Delicate-Initial-Disc-Necklace-Rose-Gold-Initial-Necklace.jpg

Delicate Initial Disc Necklace Initial Necklace

Buy Now Homemade-Gin-Kit.jpg

He'll love your creativity when you give him the Homemade Gin Kit ($60) so he can make a liquor he'll be proud of.

Homemade-Gin-Kit.jpg Converse-Chuck-Taylor-All-Star-High-Top-Sneakers.jpg Converse-Chuck-Taylor-All-Star-High-Top-Sneakers.jpg

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star High-Top Sneakers

Buy Now Cubii-Jr-Seated-Under-Desk-Elliptical.jpg Cubii-Jr-Seated-Under-Desk-Elliptical.jpg

Cubii Jr. Seated Under-Desk Elliptical

Buy Now Adidas-Grand-Court-Sneakers.jpg Adidas-Grand-Court-Sneakers.jpg

Adidas Grand Court Sneakers

Buy Now For-Wine-Lover-Giant-Wine-Glass-Holds-Whole-Bottle-Wine.jpg For-Wine-Lover-Giant-Wine-Glass-Holds-Whole-Bottle-Wine.jpg

Giant Wine Glass Holds a Whole Bottle of Wine

Buy Now Best-Amazon-Gifts.jpg

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