Protect Your Face With These 10 Cute Sun Shields

Protect Your Face With These 10 Cute Sun Shields

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If you love spending time outdoors, especially when the sun is out, you need to invest in a sun shield. Sun shields are pretty much giant pairs of sunglasses that cover your entire face and protect your skin from harmful UV rays. They come in several styles and designs, so you can choose the best fit for your lifestyle. Some sit on the bridge of your nose like a pair of glasses and others have an adjustable strap that wrap around your head like a visor. We rounded up the best sun shields you need for the warmer months so you can look cute while keeping your skin safe.

Whether you love your daily hot girl walks, tending to your garden, lounging by the pool or beach, or simply want to relax outside, wearing a sun shield adds an extra layer of UV protection we could always use. It comes in handy, especially when you accidentally forget to reapply your sunscreen every two hours. Plus, the stylish accessory comes in a variety of cool reflective and gradient color finishes. Shop our top picks ahead!


The ChezAbbey Sun Visor Solar Face Shield ($27) is great for those who have an active lifestyle and enjoy walking and hiking. It is wind-proof, waterproof, and lets you adjust the angel and lift the shield up or down for optimal coverage. It has adjustable visor-like strap with a buckle closure for a secure fit. This comes in a variety of shield and headband colors.


ChezAbbey Sun Visor Solar Face Shield

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The Hapifri Face Shield Sun Visor ($40-$60) is such a cute and trendy pick, since the top portion is in the shape of cat ears. The shield provides UPF 70+ protection with UV400 lens. It is anti-fog as well, perfect for so many outdoor activities. It has an adjustable snap closure so you get secure and comfortable fit that won't slip or fall off. It comes in three sizes and in several different colors as well.


Hapifri Face Shield Sun Visor

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The Noli Face Shield ($15, originally $48) is a stylish and lightweight option that has a full face coverage for optimal protection. It has a UPF 35 rating and a moisture wicking headband making it ideal for outdoor activities as well. You can even adjust the position of the lens, so you can get the ideal coverage for your needs.

Something-Lightweight-Noli-Face-Shield.webp Antifog-Sun-Shield-ZeroUV-Protective-Face-Shield-Full-Cover-Visor-Glasses.jpg Antifog-Sun-Shield-ZeroUV-Protective-Face-Shield-Full-Cover-Visor-Glasses.jpg

ZeroUV Protective Face Shield Full Cover Visor Glasses

Buy Now Compact-Sun-Shield-Addmotor-Sun-Visor-UV-Protection-Face-Shield.jpeg

The Adjustable Sun Visor UV Protection Face Shield ($16) is perfect for traveling, since it's bendable and compact. It has a UPF rating of 50+ and is lightweight. It comes in black, gray, and khaki. When you're not using it, you can roll it up and store it in your bag.


Adjustable Sun Visor UV Protection Face Shield

Buy Now 90s-Vibe-Feisedy-Full-Cover-Face-Visor-Protective-Glasses.jpg

Embrace the '90s with this brown gradient Feisedy Full Cover Face Visor Protective Glasses ($9-$17). It has an antifog coating with comfortable nose pads. This sun shield covers from the eyes down to your chin. It comes in a wide variety of colors and aesthetics to choose from, whether you want a chromatic reflective vibe or a chic gradient look.


Feisedy Full Cover Face Visor Protective Glasses

Buy Now Stylish-Splurge-Bluestone-Sun-Shields-Full-Lux-Visor.jpg

If you love all things gold, you need this champagne mirror-tinted Bluestone Sun Shield Full Lux Visor ($68). It has an adjustable neoprene headband and adjustable PVC lens. This is perfect for all sorts of outdoor activities. Plus, it's great for giving yourself extra protection after cosmetic procedures like lasers or peels. It also comes in a reflective rainbow, a silver chromatic, a mirrored gold, a black, or a reflective green-blue mermaid variation.


Bluestone Sun Shield Full Lux Visor

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Keep it monochromatic with this Waycom UPF 50+ Sun Visor ($22). It has silver mirror lens with a shimmery glam headband. The band is adjustable as well for a comfortable, secure fit. You can also adjust and lens angle.

Something-Silver-Waycom-UPF-50-Sun-Visor.jpg Something-Stylish-100-Classic-Protective-Full-Face-Sunglasses.jpg

How stylish are these 100 Classic Protective Full Face Sunglasses ($16)!? They have an antifog coating and UV-resistant PC panels, and they're lightweight. These come in a variety of gradient and mirrored styles. We're talking ice-blue reflective mirrored lenses for a futuristic look to a stunning purple-to-pink gradient for something a little more whimsical.


100 Classic Protective Full Face Sunglasses

Buy Now For-Active-Lifestyle-Premium-Adjustable-Solar-Headband-Face-Shield.jpg

If you have an active lifestyle, the Premium Adjustable Solar Headband Face Shield ($18-$23) has mirrored UV 400 lens with a soft cotton headband that wicks away sweat and moisture. The headband comes in black, brown, dark blue, gray, pink, light blue, and red.


Premium Adjustable Solar Headband Face Shield

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