Joanna and Chip Gaines's Must Haves: From Birkenstocks to Cowboy Boots

Joanna and Chip Gaines's Must Haves: From Birkenstocks to Cowboy Boots

Chip and Joanna Gaines are a power couple in action. The dynamic duo are business owners, authors, TV stars, designers, and parents of five kids. Between their Hearth & Hand line at Target, their entire Magnolia brand — including a TV network — and all of the projects that lie in between, it's hard to imagine the pair having a spare moment to sit down and relax. Yet, they certainly make their busy lives work, and do it all with a seemingly positive attitude.

It's no secret that Chip and Joanna are passionate about all they've built — from their family to their homes and now their thriving businesses. So for the couple's most recent project, we weren't surprised to hear they were collaborating with James Hardie, a well-known exterior design brand, on 16 Joanna-infused siding options that are available in panel, shingle, and plank styles. "We've used Hardie siding for over 20 years with our construction business, so it wasn't something that we didn't know about," Joanna tells POPSUGAR. "We are big fans. We truly believe in this product, and so it made sense to do this."

The couple often reminisce on their Waco, TX, home remodels — even those from before their hit TV show "Fixer Upper" dominated HGTV — they drive by and see how their homes are doing years later. "To be able to look back even 20 years ago and see these houses still look great because of the quality of the product is nice to see," Joanna says. "We jog down memory lane and the kids roll their eyes."

Aside from homes, we got a chance to talk to Chip and Joanna about the product obsessions currently on their radar. From Joanna's favorite pair of jeans to the western boots that Chip's worn for years, these are the must-have items the couple reach for most.

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