Great Jones's New Pan Makes Cast Iron Cooking Less Intimidating

Great Jones's New Pan Makes Cast Iron Cooking Less Intimidating


I've barely had any experience cooking with cast-iron pots and pans. But after testing out a few non-stick cookware sets and really honing in on my cooking skills, I wanted to experiment and expand my kitchen knowledge into the world of cast-iron cooking. Though I was intimidated to whip up a meal with a cast-iron pan, a few of my colleagues had amazing things to say about Great Jones's line of cookware. Editors have raved about everything from the Instagram-famous Dutchess Dutch oven to the $35-Holy Sheet Pan, so I was curious to try out the durable and hassle-free Great Jones King Sear Cast Iron Pan ($110), and see how it held up for a beginner like me.

What I Like About the Great Jones King Sear Cast Iron Pan


Right off the bat, the cast-iron pan is a stunning piece of cookware. Out of the three colors available, I opted for the yellow shade. The mustard color is so bold and bright, I found myself happier the longer I stared at it. I use turmeric frequently in my cooking, and if it stained the cookware, I figured it would blend in with the pan. However, I learned this cast-iron pan does not stain at all; you can just wipe away scratch marks or red-sauce spills.

The 12-inch pan is a decent-sized skillet and took over a good amount of my stove space. But I didn't mind since a small kitchen is temporary, but this cast iron is long-lasting. Even though it's larger in size, it distributes the heat evenly from one end of the skillet to the other. Plus, the pan comes pre-seasoned, so there's no prep work for me to do.

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I decided to make a classic bacon-and-eggs dish, using the leftover bacon fat to prep the pan for cooking eggs. The aptly-named King Sear pan seared the bacon into a delicious crisp and the excess fat coated the pan evenly, readying it for the eggs. The non-stick feature paired with the leftover grease gave the eggs the perfect amount of slip to be flipped without burning. The bacon and fried eggs cooked beautifully in this pan with a crisp ratio that was *chef's kiss* perfection. I was pretty intimidated about using a cast-iron pan at first, but Great Jones made it easier witht the King Sear pan.

What's Worth Noting About the Great Jones King Sear Cast Iron Pan

The King Sear cast-iron pan is not dishwasher safe, so it's best to hand-wash the skillet, though it's worth mentioning the nine-pound cooking tool is on the heavier side for me to lift on and off the stove, and wash in the sink. Although most of the stuck-on gunk can be wiped off easily due to the pre-seasoning, I like to soak the surface of the pan with warm water and dish soap for a minimum of 15 to 20 minutes. Then, I gently scrub the remnants and give the pan a good rinse.

Though it comes pre-seasoned, the brand also recommends seasoning your skillet to maintain the nonstick wear. After cleaning my cast-iron pan, I thoroughly dry it and use a paper towel to dab a little bit of avocado oil (any vegetable oil or butter should also work) to coats the interior of the pan. The brand suggests placing it in the oven for a bit at low heat to let the oil seep in. And, as general best practice to keep your cookware scratch-free, always use wooden or silicone utensils.

Another thing to note is that this cast-iron skillet does not come with a lid.

Who the Great Jones King Sear Cast Iron Pan is Best For

As a beginner cast-iron pan user, I found the King Sear convenient and easy to use, especially since it's already pre-seasoned. It's a durable piece of cookware that's great for those who love to host and entertain friends and family. You can cook for around two to four in this 12-inch skillet or meal prep for one. If you're someone who loves bold colors and vibrant tones in your kitchen, this is a must-have.

Is the Great Jones King Sear Cast Iron Pan Worth the Splurge?

If you're on the hunt for a quality cast-iron pan, the King Sear is a smart investment. At $110, this pan is more affordable than popular cast-iron products on the market, and looks and works just as well. If you're hoping to sharpen up your cooking skills like I am, I'd recommend having a cast-iron pan like this one on hand. With proper care, the kitchen essential can last for years.

Additional Details

The King Sear weighs nine pounds and has a 4.4-quart capacity. It has a 12-inch diameter and 1.75-inch depth. It is oven-safe up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. It works on all stovetops, including gas, electric, and induction. The cast-iron pan comes in three colors: Mustard (yellow), Blueberry (blue), and Broccoli (green).

Where is the Great Jones King Sear Cast Iron Pan Available?

The Great Jones King Sear Cast Iron Pan is available on the brand's site, Urban Outfitters ($110), Saks Fifth Avenue ($110), Revolve ($110), and Over the Moon ($110).


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