27 Seriously Creative and Unexpectedly Cool Stocking Stuffers From Uncommon Goods

27 Seriously Creative and Unexpectedly Cool Stocking Stuffers From Uncommon Goods

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With large gatherings still uncertain in the face of a new variant, gift exchanges will help keep us connected to our family and friends during the holidays. Stocking stuffers make fantastic presents as they can pack all of the things someone loves.

Whether your aunt best friend her bath time very seriously, your brother is a grill master, or your cousin buys cookbook after cookbook, you can indulge their endeavors with a pack of treats from none other than Uncommon Goods.

The brand curates the most unexpected yet delightful items for hobbyists and professionals alike, and I've included a cheat sheet that has something for everyone on your list.

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Bring their favorite artists to life with these Music Playing Cards ($10). Featuring cool illustrations of music legends like BB King and David Bowie, they make for a fun and inspired time.

Cool-Cards-Music-Playing-Cards.png High-Tech-Bottle-Tap-Water-Purification-Bottle.png

This Tap Water Purification Bottle ($35) will ensure they have clean drinking water anywhere they go. They can use it to purify ordinary tap water, and stay constantly hydrated.


Tap Water Purification Bottle

Buy Now TLC-For-Dry-Feet-Overnight-Foot-Care-Kit.jpg

This Overnight Foot Care Kit ($18) will feel like the best thing for their feet. The kit contains soft socks infused with rosemary-mint cream, so this means they will essentially receive a massage when they slip them on.

TLC-For-Dry-Feet-Overnight-Foot-Care-Kit.jpg Practical-Storage-Travel-Cord-Roll.jpg

They'll never lose their iPhone charger again with this Travel Cord Roll ($20). It allows them to easily pack and locate their electronics and other knick knacks as they hop on trains or planes.

Practical-Storage-Travel-Cord-Roll.jpg For-That-At-Home-Spa-Experience-Essential-Oil-Shower-Steamers.jpg

These Essential Oil Shower Steamers ($15) basically bring the sauna to their bathroom. They can relieve stress with the lemongrass, eucalyptus, and orange, feel invigorated with the spearmint and citrus blends, or wind down with the lavender essential oil.


Essential Oil Shower Steamers

Buy Now Perfect-Travel-Accessory-Tune-Out-Musical-Sleep-Mask.jpg

This cordless Tune Out Musical Sleep Mask ($40) will be a hit among jetsetters. Its thick lining keeps the light out, while the headphone allows them to drift off to dreamland while listening to their favorite tune.


Tune Out Musical Sleep Mask

Buy Now For-Homebody-Pommed-Rib-Slippers.jpg

Can these Pommed Rib Slippers ($38) get any cozier? We think not. These house slippers are designed to feel snug and supersoft, plus they'll feel cheerful with the side of pom-pom.

For-Homebody-Pommed-Rib-Slippers.jpg Because-Matching-Socks-Are-Boring-Mismatched-Crew-Socks.jpg

These Mismatched Crew Socks ($20) are for the people who always lose their socks anyway. These mixed-up pairs are hand knit from eco-conscious materials like recycled cotton and polyester, will help them rebel against matching socks in a cool, lighthearted way.

Because-Matching-Socks-Are-Boring-Mismatched-Crew-Socks.jpg Not-Your-Average-Black-Tea-Bourbon-Infused-Tea.jpg

We're very curious about this Bourbon Infused Tea ($20), how about you? With touches of cocoa, apple and vanilla, it makes an interesting post-dinner beverage.

Not-Your-Average-Black-Tea-Bourbon-Infused-Tea.jpg Interesting-Coffee-Bourbon-Infused-Coffee.jpg

Or if they prefer coffee, this Bourbon Infused Coffee ($20) is a great option. It's made from 100% Arabica beans that are infused in small batches with just a touch of Kentucky's signature spirit.

Interesting-Coffee-Bourbon-Infused-Coffee.jpg For-Their-Sweet-Tooth-Jam-Sampler-Collection.jpg

This Jam Sampler Collection ($30) is ideal for people with a knack for sweets. There's strawberry chipotle and fig, yellow peach, plum and rose, blueberry lemon and basil, sour cherry ginger, and blackberry mulled Merlot. In other words, mouth-watering.

For-Their-Sweet-Tooth-Jam-Sampler-Collection.jpg Little-Bubbly-in-Soap-Form-Cocktail-Inspired-Soaps.png

If you've ever wondered about Cocktail Inspired Soaps ($16 for two), here's your chance to try them, then gift them to a friend. With scents like Elderflower Mimosa and Mint Mojito, they will feel like indulging in these spirited soaps.

Little-Bubbly-in-Soap-Form-Cocktail-Inspired-Soaps.png For-Little-Ones-Christmas-Cookie-Coloring-Tablecloth.jpg

Give your kids something they can work on with others, like this Christmas Cookie Coloring Tablecloth ($15, originally $30). Made of 100% cotton, it features hand-drawn baking tools, festive holiday decorations, and lots and lots of cookie molds.


Christmas Cookie Coloring Tablecloth

Buy Now For-Adventurous-Foodie-Sweet-Savory-Hot-Sauce-Duo.jpg

Spice it up in their kitchen with this Sweet and Savory Hot Sauce Duo ($14). Each bottle contains an all-natural, antioxidant-rich blend of ingredients that will invigorate the body.


Sweet and Savory Hot Sauce Duo

Buy Now For-Guitar-Players-Guitar-Glasses-Set-4.jpg

These Guitar Glasses — Set of 4 ($35) are unusual and fun. They feature iconic, graphic guitars from different eras and genres of music. How cool?


Guitar Glasses — Set of 4

Buy Now For-Germaphobe-Smartphone-UV-Sanitizer.jpg

Image Source: Uncommon Goods

They've likely got their hand on their smartphone at all times, but those smart little devices have more germs than a public restroom! With this Smartphone UV Sanitizer ($80), they can keep their phone germ-free at all times.

For-Germaphobe-Smartphone-UV-Sanitizer.jpg For-Dessert-Wine-Infused-Dessert-Sauces.png

These delicious-looking Wine-Infused Dessert Sauces ($17) are made of spices, whole fruits, and Zinfandel or Merlot. They can have them as drinks or desserts — their choice.


Wine-Infused Dessert Sauces

Buy Now For-Aspiring-Bakers-New-World-Sourdough-by-Bryan-Ford.jpg

The New World Sourdough by Bryan Ford ($28) is a tasty addition to anyone's bookshelf. The cookbook is here to simplify the process of baking your own sourdough. With practical tips and techniques, readers will feel empowered and excited to dive into the wide variety of baked goods, from warm pita to sweet brioche.


New World Sourdough by Bryan Ford

Buy Now For-Grilling-Day-Beer-Infused-BBQ-Sauce.jp

I bet they'll love this Beer-Infused BBQ Sauce ($35), which will give their meat a hoppy punch. It's infused with craft beer, so we're really curious about the taste.

For-Grilling-Day-Beer-Infused-BBQ-Sauce.jp Fun-Bathroom-Addition-Uncommon-Goods-Bathtime-Essentials-Wine-Holder.png Fun-Bathroom-Addition-Uncommon-Goods-Bathtime-Essentials-Wine-Holder.png

Uncommon Goods Bathtime Essentials Wine Holder

Buy Now For-Fun-Cook-Automatic-Pan-Stirrer-With-Timer.jpg For-Fun-Cook-Automatic-Pan-Stirrer-With-Timer.jpg

Automatic Pan Stirrer With Timer

Buy Now For-Newspaper-Fan-New-York-Times-Custom-Front-Page-Puzzle.jpg For-Newspaper-Fan-New-York-Times-Custom-Front-Page-Puzzle.jpg

New York Times Custom Front Page Puzzle

Buy Now Remedy-For-Homesick-Homesick-Candle.png

If you won't be gathering with your family this year, this Homesick Candle ($34) is a thoughtful way of showing how much you'll miss them. Customize it to the state where they live; each state has its own scent profile, which was formulated using input from locals in individual states.

Remedy-For-Homesick-Homesick-Candle.png Let-Raise-Toast-NYC-Urban-Map-Glass.jpg

This NYC Urban Map Glass ($18), which is etched with the city's grid, is a toast to the hidden gems and great memories associated with possibly the most iconic city in the world (I may be biased, though).

Let-Raise-Toast-NYC-Urban-Map-Glass.jpg In-Honor-Female-Form-Goddess-Figure-Candles.jpeg

These Goddess Figure Candles ($50 each) will adorn their coffee table. They are bold but celebratory, and they will definitely stand out.

In-Honor-Female-Form-Goddess-Figure-Candles.jpeg For-Your-Little-One-Day-at-Barbershop-Memory-Game.jpg

Get your little ones playing and learning with this engaging A Day at the Barbershop Memory Game ($16). It features 24 illustrated scenes to help kids explore a new place and stay off screens.


A Day at the Barbershop Memory Game

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