20 Board Games and Puzzles That Will Get You Through This Holiday Season Smiling

20 Board Games and Puzzles That Will Get You Through This Holiday Season Smiling

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We've turned to board games and puzzles to keep us entertained all year long, and the holidays are no exception. Not only are they fun activities to do for a small group, they also make for great gifts. We're loving these 20 picks because they're both enjoyable and aesthetically pleasing, and we know you will too.

Whether you're looking to use your brain by picking up chess or laugh a lot by playing What Do You Meme, these options will definitely make the recipient smile. Plus, if you're lucky, maybe they'll let you play too! Keep on reading to shop our picks!

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Holiday-Puzzle-Enchanted-Nutcracker-500-Piece-Jigsaw-Puzzle.jpg Holiday-Puzzle-Enchanted-Nutcracker-500-Piece-Jigsaw-Puzzle.jpg

Enchanted Nutcracker 500 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

Buy Now Cool-Chess-Set-MoMA-Two-in-One-Chess-Checkers-Set.jpg Cool-Chess-Set-MoMA-Two-in-One-Chess-Checkers-Set.jpg

MoMA Two-in-One Chess & Checkers Set

Buy Now For-Game-Enthusiast-Board-Game-Set.jpg

This Board Game Set ($42, originally $60) will let them play a whopping 15 different games. From chess and checkers to backgammon and cards, there's something for everyone.

For-Game-Enthusiast-Board-Game-Set.jpg Pretty-Board-Games-Scrabble-Monopoly-Clue-Vintage-Board-Game-Bookshelf-Collection.jpg Pretty-Board-Games-Scrabble-Monopoly-Clue-Vintage-Board-Game-Bookshelf-Collection.jpg

Scrabble, Monopoly, and Clue Vintage Board Game Bookshelf Collection

Buy Now Classic-Game-Settlers-Catan.jpg

They're going to be obsessed with Settlers of Catan ($22, originally $44), if they aren't already. It's a game you can spend the entire afternoon playing with friends.

Classic-Game-Settlers-Catan.jpg Pretty-Puzzle-Grand-Tetons-in-Fall-1000-Piece-Jigsaw-Puzzle.jpg Pretty-Puzzle-Grand-Tetons-in-Fall-1000-Piece-Jigsaw-Puzzle.jpg

Grand Tetons in Fall 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

Buy Now Complete-Game-Set-Hey-Play-Deluxe-7-in-1-Game-Set.jpg Complete-Game-Set-Hey-Play-Deluxe-7-in-1-Game-Set.jpg

Hey! Play! Deluxe 7-in-1 Game Set

Buy Now Backgammon-Set-One-Kings-Lane-Barona-Backgammon-Set.jpg Backgammon-Set-One-Kings-Lane-Barona-Backgammon-Set.jpg

One Kings Lane Barona Backgammon Set

Buy Now Game-Trio-Hyyge-Games-Set-3-Games.jpg

Get to know the people you're with, thanks to this Hyyge Games Set of 3 Games ($50). If they like trivia questions or guessing games, this will be so fun.

Game-Trio-Hyyge-Games-Set-3-Games.jpg New-Classis-What-Do-You-Meme.jpg

If they love to laugh, or are always sending memes, they'll want this What Do You Meme? ($30) game. It's a no-fail present, and is great for secret santa gift exchanges.

What-Do-You-Meme.jpg For-Friends-Lover-Friends-TV-Show-Collage-Jigsaw-Puzzle.jpg

So no one told us life was going to be this way, but we can still have some fun with this Friends TV Show Collage Jigsaw Puzzle ($17). All they have to do to finish the puzzle is pivot!


Friends TV Show Collage Jigsaw Puzzle

Buy Now For-Creative-Gift-Boutique-DIY-Puzzle-Kit.jpg For-Creative-Gift-Boutique-DIY-Puzzle-Kit.jpg

Gift Boutique DIY Puzzle Kit

Buy Now Great-Travel-Set-3-in-1-Game-Set-Chess-Checkers-Backgammon.jpg Great-Travel-Set-3-in-1-Game-Set-Chess-Checkers-Backgammon.jpg

3-in-1 Game Set — Chess, Checkers, and Backgammon

Buy Now For-Monopoly-Fans-Monopoly-Super-Electronic-Banking-Game.jpg For-Monopoly-Fans-Monopoly-Super-Electronic-Banking-Game.jpg

Monopoly Super Electronic Banking Game

Buy Now Stunning-Set-Jonathan-Adler-Milano-Backgammon-Set.jpg Stunning-Set-Jonathan-Adler-Milano-Backgammon-Set.jpg

Jonathan Adler Milano Backgammon Set

Buy Now Great-Gift-For-Girlfriends-Jiggy-Women-History-Month-x-Maliha-Abidi.webp Great-Gift-For-Girlfriends-Jiggy-Women-History-Month-x-Maliha-Abidi.webp

Jiggy Women's History Month x Maliha Abidi

Buy Now Game-For-Whole-Family-SunnyLife-Lucite-Poker-Set.jpg

Gather everyone around the table for this fun SunnyLife Lucite Poker Set ($140). Whatever you bet is up to you, but may we recommend some holiday treats?

Game-For-Whole-Family-SunnyLife-Lucite-Poker-Set.jpg For-Family-Game-Night-Quicktionary.jpg

Quicktionary ($15) is a fun game for wordsmiths who like to think on their feet. Everyone will enjoy this one.

For-Family-Game-Night-Quicktionary.jpg Get-to-Know-Everyone-Better-Were-Not-Really-Strangers-Card-Game-Expansion-Pack.jpg Get-to-Know-Everyone-Better-Were-Not-Really-Strangers-Card-Game-Expansion-Pack.jpg

We're Not Really Strangers Card Game Expansion Pack

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