16 Puerto Rican Dishes Perfect For Your Holiday Dinner

16 Puerto Rican Dishes Perfect For Your Holiday Dinner

Holiday party season is officially upon us. Whether you're hosting or attending a holiday dinner this season, one thing is for certain: you're already anticipating the food. The sky is the limit when it comes to getting creative during the holidays, especially as far as Latin holiday recipes are concerned.

This year, why not zero in on a few authentic and traditional Puerto Rican dishes? In fact, if there's one Latin cuisine that we especially appreciate during the holidays, it's Puerto Rican food. From arroz con gandules to pernil, pasteles to coquito – Puerto Ricans really know how to throw it down when it comes to a festive meal. But you certainly don't have to be Puerto Rican to appreciate or want to cook up some of these yummy meals. In fact, if you're hosting this season or planning on bringing something to your next potluck, we've got a few crowd-pleasing Puerto Rican Christmas party dishes that are bound to become hits. Even though Nochebuena and Christmas are just around the corner, the good news is it's not too late to start planning a delicious menu or dish that everyone will enjoy and remember. We've got you covered with these 16 favorites – check them out and ¡buen provecho!

— Additional reporting by Johanna Ferreira

Image Source: Ashley Ortiz

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