16 Handcrafted and Unique Gifts From Etsy He'll Adore This Holiday Season

16 Handcrafted and Unique Gifts From Etsy He'll Adore This Holiday Season

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Etsy is our go-to destination for shopping out everything from unique finds to customizable gadgets, artisanal gems, and so much more. The creativity, heart, and soul put into each and every piece that's sold through the online marketplace is just *chef's kiss* perfection. And this holiday season, you can get something personalized for the guy in your life with the retailer's wide array of great Etsy gifts for men. Whether it's a personalized keepsake or a unique gift that embraces his interests and hobbies, there are so many cool things on Etsy for guys that might not be on his gifting wishlist but are sure to surprise and delight him nonetheless. We went ahead and curated the best gifts from Etsy that every man will enjoy and truly appreciate through the holiday season and beyond.

Get him a set of personalized pint glasses or a whiskey decanter set to complete his home bar. Upgrade his daily essentials with pieces that exemplify quality craftsmanship, like an engraved wallet, a luxurious leather duffle bag, or even a monogrammed toiletry bag. Give his work-from-home setup a revamp with cool finds like a custom headphone stand, a multi-charger docking station, or a desk organizer. Regardless of what you're in the market for, you're sure to find some seriously unique Etsy gifts for guys — whether you're shopping for personalized gifts for your boyfriend or unique gifts for other men in your life. Shop these lovely and unique Etsy gifts for men below.

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Help him to streamline his work-from-home setup and charge all of his tech essentials with this Fast Charge Docking Station ($94). The thoughtful product is perfect for his desk, bedside table, or even as a central docking station for his home. Plus, it's undeniably stylish, too!


Fast Charge Docking Station

Buy Now Batman-Inspired-Etsy-Gift-For-Him-Batman-Themed-Personalized-Stainless-Steel-Tumbler.jpg

Batman fans will definitely get a kick out of this Batman Themed Personalized Stainless Steel Tumbler ($29) which pays homage to everyone's favorite caped crusader. The tumbler is simple, but it's also something he's likely to use all the time, whether he's commuting to the office or just working from home.


Batman Themed Personalized Stainless Steel Tumbler

Buy Now Best-Personalized-Gift-For-Him-Personalized-Toiletry-Bag.jpg

The Personalized Toiletry Bag ($50) is perfect for the person on the go. Whether he loves to take the globe by storm or travels for work, this toiletry bag will be something he uses often. It comes in a brown, black, or cool whiskey shade.

Personalized-Toiletry-Bag.jpg Gin-Based-Etsy-Gift-For-Him-Gin-Infusion-Kit.jpg

Gin aficionados will love the Gin Infusion Kit ($79). The thoughtful kit contains a glass bottle with a wooden top and personalized label, a steel funnel with stainer, a bar spoon, four spices (including cinnamon), pink peppercorn, allspice and juniper berries, and dehydrated citrus slices.

Gin-Infusion-Kit.jpg Meaningful-Etsy-Gift-For-Him-Tiger-Eye-Gemstone-Beaded-Bracelet.jpg

Keep him feeling grounded yet still totally fashionable with the Tiger's Eye Gemstone Beaded Bracelet ($22). The bracelet contains onyx, which helps to get rid of any negative energy (where do I buy one for myself?), and tiger's eye, which helps to rebalance the body and encourage optimism.


Tiger's Eye Gemstone Beaded Bracelet

Buy Now Best-Personalized-Gift-For-Him-Personalized-Cutting-Board.jpg

Know a guy who is completely obsessed with "The Godfather" (what man isn't?) and also loves to cook? This Personalized Cutting Board ($28) will take his culinary skills to a whole new level. If he can appreciate a good pun and loves spending time in the kitchen, he'll definitely adore this find.

Personalized-Cutting-Board.jpg Travel-Based-Etsy-Gift-For-Him-Leather-Duffle-Bag.jpg

This Leather Duffle Bag ($345, originally $600) is so stylish and polished, we kind of want one for ourselves, too. The high-quality piece of luggage is crafted from a durable leather material that's sure to last a lifetime. Plus, it's perfect for the one who loves to travel and go on adventures around the world.


Leather Duffle Bag

$345 from etsy.com

$600 $345 Now 43% off

from etsy.com

Buy Now Brew-Based-Etsy-Gift-For-Him-Hoppy-IPA-Brew-Candle.webp

If he truly loves beer, he'll absolutely appreciate and get a laugh out of this Hoppy IPA Brew Candle ($20) — which will, quite literally, take his love for good spirits to a whole new level. The candle has a spicy, herbal, and earthy scent.

Hoppy-IPA-Brew-Candle.jpg Best-Personalized-Gift-For-Him-Personalized-Engraved-Pint-Glass-Set.webp

You can't go wrong with something thoughtful like the Personalized Engraved Pint Glass Set ($11, originally $13). It's something he can use every day and proudly display in his home bar. You can choose from a variety of fonts and styles for the monogram, and you can choose between a set of two, four, six, or eight glasses.


Personalized Engraved Pint Glass Set

$11 from etsy.com

$13 $11 Now 15% off

from etsy.com

Buy Now Cozy-Etsy-Gift-For-Him-Extra-Cozy-Hygge-Box.jpg

The Extra Cozy Hygge Box ($45) is basically a warm hug in a box — and who wouldn't want to receive that as a gift? It has a pair of rustic cotton-wool socks, a stainless-steel campfire mug with speckles, an unscented block candle, a vegan-leather travel journal, and a pack of handcrafted salted caramels.

Extra-Cozy-Hygge-Box.jpg Tech-Based-Etsy-Gift-For-Him-Black-Walnut-Wood-Desk-Organizer-With-Wireless-Charger.jpg

The Black Walnut Wood Desk Organizer With Wireless Charger ($80 and up) is all he needs to keep track of all his desk knickknacks and necessities. The wireless charger is perfect for keeping his tech fully charged, from his phone to his wireless earbuds, while he's busy at work. It even has a cup holder for his coffee or tea!


Black Walnut Wood Desk Organizer With Wireless Charger

Buy Now Tech-Based-Etsy-Gift-For-Him-Custom-Wooden-Metal-Headphone-Stand.jpg

His headphones deserve a home, and the Custom Wooden and Metal Headphone Stand ($26 and up) is perfect for storing them properly. He can use this stand to keep his over-the-ear headphones or wire earphones in a proper place and treat them with care. Plus, it will make his desk or bedside table look put together.


Custom Wooden and Metal Headphone Stand

Buy Now Best-Personalized-Etsy-Gift-For-Him-Personalized-Whiskey-Decanter-Set-With-Glasses.jpg

If he loves drinking a nightcap of his favorite whiskey or scotch, get him this stunning Personalized Whiskey Decanter Set With Glasses ($30, originally $40). You can easily personalize the luxe set with his initials. Whether he has a classic bar cart or a robust bar setup, this gift will make the most perfect addition to all of it.


Personalized Whiskey Decanter Set With Glasses

$30 from etsy.com

$40 $30 Now 25% off

from etsy.com

Buy Now Self-Care-Etsy-Gift-For-Him-Eco-Friendly-Shaving-Kit.jpg

Get him to incorporate some self-care into his life with the Eco-Friendly Shaving Kit ($34, originally $43). It comes with a moisturizing shave cream, a post-shave mist, and a rich shea butter-based soap. You can choose from scents like ocean, woods, fresh citrus, Tahitian vanilla, rosemary mint, sandalwood, zen blend, or winter wellness.


Eco-Friendly Shaving Kit

$34 from etsy.com

$43 $34 Now 21% off

from etsy.com

Buy Now Best-Personalized-Gift-For-Him-Engraved-Wooden-Watch.jpg

The Engraved Wooden Watch ($45, originally $112) is a unique and artisanal find that is truly timeless. Every guy needs a quality watch in his life, and this piece is certainly unique. You can even get it personalized with a special message engraved on the watch.


Engraved Wooden Watch

$45 from etsy.com

$112 $45 Now 60% off

from etsy.com

Buy Now Best-Personalized-Gift-For-Him-Personalized-Engraved-Wallet.jpg

The Personalized Engraved Wallet ($18, originally $45) is an amazing find for the one who desperately needs a good wallet upgrade. You can completely customize it with multiple engravings on the inside or outside of the wallet. You can choose between brown, black, or tan.


Personalized Engraved Wallet

$18 from etsy.com

$45 $18 Now 60% off

from etsy.com

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