15 Gifts to Occupy the Inevitable Down Time That Comes With the Holiday Season

15 Gifts to Occupy the Inevitable Down Time That Comes With the Holiday Season

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Many of us spend the holidays with our families, which is a blessing. However, when you're back at home, and it's chilly out, there's only so many times you can watch Home Alone or be asked about your dating life by your nosy aunt. That's where these 15 gifts come in. They're the presents you can enjoy as a group, the ones you'll want to open immediately upon receiving because they're something fun to do with other people, and can also help you learn a new skill or hobby.

From cool puzzles to fun athletic staples, these are truly the gifts that keep on giving. Arrive with these all wrapped up, and we can ensure you'll have the best holiday season yet. Keep on reading to shop our selects.

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When in doubt, buy someone a candle, right? Well, now when in doubt, buy them this DIY Candle Kit ($25), and concoct the perfect scent together.

For-Person-Who-Loves-Candles-DIY-Candle-Kit.jpg For-Puzzle-Lover-Jiggy-Desert-Dreams-By-Corinne-Lent.webp

Jiggy puzzles are going to be at the top of everyone's wish list this year. This Jiggy Desert Dreams By Corinne Lent ($49) is gorgeous. It comes with a clear jar if you want to keep the pieces, as well as puzzle glue if you decide the finished product is so pretty, it needs to be framed.


Jiggy Desert Dreams By Corinne Lent

Buy Now For-TikTok-Food-Lovers-Unofficial-TikTok-Cookbook.jpg

If there's someone in your life who's obsessed with TikTok food videos (we want to try that viral salmon bowl recipe!), they will appreciate this The Unofficial TikTok Cookbook ($18). You all can have fun making some of the recipes together.


The Unofficial TikTok Cookbook

Buy Now For-Active-Family-SunnyLife-Play-On-Table-Tennis.jpg

If it's freezing outside, you want to stay in, but still move around and have some fun. Enter the SunnyLife Play On Table Tennis ($36). You can place it on any table and create a table tennis setup that everyone will love.


SunnyLife Play On Table Tennis

Buy Now For-Person-Who-Wants-to-Learn-Language-Babbel.png

If you know someone who's always saying they want to learn a new language, gift them a Babbel ($14 - $83) subscription. They can learn a plethora of different dialects from the comfort of their phone, and if you're interested, you can do it together!

For-Person-Who-Wants-to-Learn-Language-Babbel.png Get-to-Know-Everyone-Better-Were-Not-Really-Strangers-Card-Game-Expansion-Pack.jpg Get-to-Know-Everyone-Better-Were-Not-Really-Strangers-Card-Game-Expansion-Pack.jpg

We're Not Really Strangers Card Game Expansion Pack

Buy Now For-Golf-Lover-Indoor-Golf-Putting-Game.jpg

If your group loves golf, but it's below freezing outside, this Indoor Golf Putting Game ($60) will be a winner this holiday season. You might just make your first hole in one!

For-Golf-Lover-Indoor-Golf-Putting-Game.jpg Game-For-Whole-Family-SunnyLife-Lucite-Poker-Set.jpg

Gather everyone around the table for this fun SunnyLife Lucite Poker Set ($140). Whatever you bet is up to you, but may we recommend some holiday treats?

Game-For-Whole-Family-SunnyLife-Lucite-Poker-Set.jpg Personalized-Gift-Edible-Photos-DIY-Custom-Photo-Cookie-Kit.jpg

If you think a little bit ahead, you can order this Edible Photos DIY Custom Photo Cookie Kit ($45). Simply send in a few photos you'd like to use, and the company will ship out those photos that you can then place on cookies — and eat them! Everyone will be delighted with this fun gift.


Edible Photos DIY Custom Photo Cookie Kit

Buy Now For-Family-Game-Night-Quicktionary.jpg

Quicktionary ($15) is a fun game for wordsmiths who like to think on their feet. Everyone will enjoy this one.

For-Family-Game-Night-Quicktionary.jpg Double-Duty-Set-SunnyLife-Board-Game-Chess-Checkers.jpg

If watching The Queen's Gambit has finally inspired you to learn chess, this SunnyLife Board Game Chess & Checkers ($36) is a great set. You can also use it to play checkers, so the whole family can enjoy it.


SunnyLife Board Game Chess & Checkers

Buy Now For-Creative-Craft-Lover-GoodyKing-Jewelry-Making-Kit.jpg

This GoodyKing Jewelry Making Kit ($17, originally $25) has enough beads to make friendship bracelets for everyone. It's a great activity for family and friends.


GoodyKing Jewelry Making Kit

Buy Now Crowd-Pleasing-Gift-Gray-Malin-At-Parker-Playing-Card-Set.jpg Crowd-Pleasing-Gift-Gray-Malin-At-Parker-Playing-Card-Set.jpg

Gray Malin At The Parker Playing Card Set

Buy Now For-Self-Care-Maven-Olive-June-Mani-System.webp

This Olive & June The Mani System ($80) is for the person who loves their self-care. It comes with six different polishes of your choosing, and all the tools for a salon quality manicure at home.


Olive & June The Mani System

Buy Now For-Serious-Chef-Who-Wants-to-Have-Some-Fun-DIY-Raindrop-Cake---Molecular-Gastronomy-Kit.jpg For-Serious-Chef-Who-Wants-to-Have-Some-Fun-DIY-Raindrop-Cake---Molecular-Gastronomy-Kit.jpg

DIY Raindrop Cake - Molecular Gastronomy Kit

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