10 Netflix Shows You Can Binge (and Completely Fall For) This Weekend

10 Netflix Shows You Can Binge (and Completely Fall For) This Weekend


Netflix is a flurry of binge-able content, and it can often be a trial to determine what content to give a chance and which to forego. The silver lining is there is always something incredible to watch on the streaming platform. If you're a true crime fanatic or a half-hour sitcom enthusiast, no one gets left behind when it comes to stocking up his watchlist for the weekend. Here, we've collected 10 entertaining shows that will have you glued to your couch, whether you only have a few hours or you're set to hunker down all weekend.

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This quirky show follows its main character, Nadia, as she relives her brushes with death, day after day. Russian Doll plays off the naturally cynical yet distinctly charming brand of comedic acing of its female lead, Natasha Lyonne. There's only been one season, so it's easy, yet darkly entertaining, watch.

Total episodes: 8 (around 30 minutes each)

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This dark comedy first debuted on Lifetime before Netflix picked it up and an entirely new audience found it. The highly addictive show follows bookstore manager Joe (Penn Badgley) as he chases after the girl of his dreams through both social media and the physical streets of New York. Netflix has renewed it for a second season, so now it the time to breeze through the first set of episodes!

Total episodes: 10 (around 45 minutes each)

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Inspired by the original Archie comic books, this spinoff of the equally binge-worthy series Riverdale is not afraid of a little darkness. The spine-tingling drama follows the main character Sabrina Spellman as she navigates becoming a young adult along with becoming a witch (a completely typical coming-of-age experience). With Kiernan Shipka as the lead, this series revives a classic piece of pop culture while also mining topics of social justice, sexual identity, and first loves.

Total episodes: 11 (around one hour each)

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The Goonies-esque series, which renewed America's desire to eat Eggo waffles again, overwhelmed viewers with memories of banding together friends for a childlike adventure. Season three of the upcoming series is slated to premiere this Summer on July 4, so it's time to catch up on the first two seasons and the latest trailer!

Total episodes: 17 (around 45 minutes each)

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This mock crime show became a cult hit after its first season premiered on Netflix in 2017. American Vandal took cues from hyper-popular true crime shows like Making a Murderer, but basing its ridiculous story around a series of graphic graffiti images spray-painted on cars at a high school. The show was unfortunately canceled after two seasons, but both the first and second seasons are available for your binging pleasure on, where else, Netflix.

Total episodes: 16 (around 30 minutes each)

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If technology didn't scare you before, the stylish Black Mirror may serve as a startling wake-up call. Acclaimed for its searing take on the perils of modern society, the sci-fi series was originally produced by Channel 4 in the UK before being picked up by Netflix for new episodes. Prepare for a stacked cast, including Jon Hamm, Domhnall Gleeson, Letitia Wright, and Bryce Dallas Howard.

Total episodes: 19 (around 45 minutes each)

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The cultural phenomenon and metaphorical ray of sunshine/fresh cup of matcha/much-needed spa day just launched its third season. The individually talented "Fab Five" stole America's hearts in 2018 with this rebooted makeover show, by not just overhauling each "hero's" image on the outside, but also celebrating each subject's qualities on the inside. Season one of Queer Eye filmed through key cities in Georgia, while the current season takes place in and around the Kansas City area. The series is a complete, mood-lifting binge — with a killer, earworm of a theme song.

Total episodes: 24 (around 45 minutes each)

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A beloved reboot of the classic 1975 series One Day at a Time is a family sitcom at its best. Celebrating members of the queer and Latino communities, the series featured a multi-generational Cuban-American family and was a welcome addition to Netflix's slate of half-hour comedies. Though it picked up legions of fans during its run, Netflix canceled the show after three seasons.

Total episodes: 39 (around 30 minutes each)

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Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt has already ended its four-season run (with a stellar two-part finale), but there is talk of a possible movie in the works, according to the show's creators, Tina Fey and Robert Carlock. For now, feel free to suck up each of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt's whip-smart episodes — you'll never look at pinor noir the same way.

Total episodes: 51 (around 30 minutes each)

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A comically inventive take on the "washed-up L.A. actor" trope, BoJack Horseman focuses on former movie star and now-paunchy steed, BoJack. The voice actors are a murderer's row of comedy's finest, including Amy Sedaris, Alison Brie, Paul F. Tompkins, and Will Arnett, who voices the show's eponymous character. Binge the season now on Netflix, so you're all set for the impending season six premiere.

Total episodes: 60 (26 minutes each)

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