Why all is lost: Ford sells an F150 every 35 seconds

Why all is lost: Ford sells an F150 every 35 seconds

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The Ford F150 is the best selling vehicle in the USA. Ford isn’t even going to bother selling cars anymore, it sells so many of these. According to Automotive News, Ford is on track to its best year ever, shattering a 14 year record.

The automaker sold more than 450,000 of its F-series line — one every 35 seconds — from January through June. That's 4.2 percent more than in the first half of 2004, when it set an annual record of 939,511.

Ford keeps jazzing up the pickups as well, making them more car-like. Analyst Rebecca Lindland explains that demand is drive by people “who don't necessarily use them for hauling and towing.”

"More consumers see pickup trucks as a daily driver," she said. "With all the luxury content, people feel they can take their family out for a nice dinner in it and not be ashamed. It's not just a work truck anymore."

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