14 Velvet Furniture Pieces That Look Like a Million Bucks, but We Found Them on Amazon

14 Velvet Furniture Pieces That Look Like a Million Bucks, but We Found Them on Amazon


Sprucing up your space doesn't always mean you need a full remodel. This year, try transforming any room by adding luxe velvet furniture pieces that will make your home look like a million bucks. These pretty pieces don't always come cheap though, so to make sure you get the best deal we shopped and found 14 hot picks from Amazon. From sofas to bed frames, prepare to want them all. Take a look at our favorites ahead.

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Rivet Clover Modern Glam Arm Accent Chair

Buy Now Meridian-Furniture-Velvet-Upholstered-Tufted-Bed.jpg Meridian-Furniture-Velvet-Upholstered-Tufted-Bed.jpg

Meridian Furniture Velvet Upholstered Tufted Bed

Buy Now Rivet-Cliff-Modern-Velvet-Tufted-Ottoman.jpg Rivet-Cliff-Modern-Velvet-Tufted-Ottoman.jpg

Rivet Cliff Modern Velvet Tufted Ottoman

Buy Now Divano-Roma-Velvet-Recliner-Chaise-Lounge.jpg Divano-Roma-Velvet-Recliner-Chaise-Lounge.jpg

Divano Roma Velvet Recliner Chaise Lounge

Buy Now Rivet-Eva-Tufted-Mid-Century-Velvet-Down-Filled-Loveseat.jpg Rivet-Eva-Tufted-Mid-Century-Velvet-Down-Filled-Loveseat.jpg

Rivet Eva Mid-Century Velvet Loveseat

Buy Now Lexi-Modern-Velvet-Barstools.jpg Lexi-Modern-Velvet-Barstools.jpg

Lexi Modern Velvet Barstools

Buy Now Rivet-Marina-Mid-Century-Curved-Tufted-Velvet-Accent-Chair.jpg Rivet-Marina-Mid-Century-Curved-Tufted-Velvet-Accent-Chair.jpg

Rivet Marina Mid-Century Curved Tufted Velvet Accent Chair

Buy Now Great-Deal-Furniture-Tufted-Velvet-Bench.jpg Great-Deal-Furniture-Tufted-Velvet-Bench.jpg Divano-Roma-Tufted-Velvet-Couch.jpg Divano-Roma-Tufted-Velvet-Couch.jpg

Divano Roma Tufted Velvet Couch

Buy Now Tov-Furniture-Modern-Upholstered-Chairs.jpg Tov-Furniture-Modern-Upholstered-Chairs.jpg

Tov Furniture Modern Upholstered Chairs

Buy Now Divano-Roma-Modern-Velvet-Loveseat-Sofa.jpg Divano-Roma-Modern-Velvet-Loveseat-Sofa.jpg

Divano Roma Modern Velvet Loveseat Sofa

Buy Now Tov-Furniture-Beatrix-Collection-Velvet-Upholstered-Chair.jpg Tov-Furniture-Beatrix-Collection-Velvet-Upholstered-Chair.jpg

Beatrix Collection Velvet Upholstered Chair

Buy Now Upholstered-Velvet-Sectional-Sofa.jpg Upholstered-Velvet-Sectional-Sofa.jpg

Upholstered Velvet Sectional Sofa

Buy Now Rivet-Uptown-Mid-Century-Velvet-Tufted-Customizable-Daybed-Sofa.jpg Rivet-Uptown-Mid-Century-Velvet-Tufted-Customizable-Daybed-Sofa.jpg

Rivet Uptown Mid-Century Velvet Tufted Customizable Daybed Sofa

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